Super Dashmatch Level Design

Level Customization and redesign of SDM

Super Dashmatch is a one-screen multiplayer-party-game, in which players control fighting orbs on a shape-shifting arena. Players have to dash their opponents out of the game to win!
This was the original level design for Super Dashmatch. 
Once I began working for Super Dashmatch their were a few game design issues that needed to be resolved before release. The main design issue that needed to be solved was that the shape-shifting arena mechanic was based on time and totally linear. So every time you played the game it would be the exact same each time. And this was a driving factor causing players to get bored of the game after a time. So my task was to design a system that allows for more flexible game design. 

But first, the Product Owner wanted to see if I could come up with a different look in the process. So I began sketching concepts for the new look of the cube.

I ended up filling the tack board with concepts for the new cube look, new player characters, and assets! 

The product owner really liked the sketch on top right so I went ahead and did some 3D modeling and texture work in Photoshop.

Albido, Emission, and Normal Maps
In engine integration. 
Alright so now we have a new look! Let´s see what we can do with it to increase the efficiency and flexibility of the game design! 

Quadradic Modulor Design Prototype

I created this prototype to visualize the opening of the cube playfield in quads. The assets would then be called to spawn wherever the tiles would open. 
With this layout I began to layout about 20 different formations with the assets we have in the project library. Here are just a few. 
In the end I was able to call the spawning asset obstacles. This could also allow for triggered events rather than just a linear time-based mechanic. 
After calling the assets in the prototype I began to integrate it into the project branch. Below you can see how the quad system is applied to one quarter segment of the cube area itself. Kinda looks like a motherboard chipset!

Lastly, I put all of this together into the working build and added a background made by one of the artists and wahlah! A new level design for Super Dashmatch was born!

Some UI Design for the Players.
Pretty happy with the results! And a green light from the Product Owner! Success!

Can´t wait to work with the game designers to come up with some great level design ideas! Oh and I can´t wait for people to play this!

Thanks for reading! More soon!

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